Sleep Health Test

Please select the condition that can represent your sleep condition of the past 4 weeks. Never Seldom Sometimes Often Always
It is difficult to fall asleep.
2. I need more than one hour to fall asleep.
3. I wake more than 3 times per night.
4. If I wake up at night, I need a long time to fall asleep again.
5. I wake too early in the morning.
I am worried about falling asleep.
I rely on alcohol to fall asleep.
My legs cannot stay still or keep twitching when I lie down.
I have difficulties to get up in the morning.
I feel tired when I wake up.
It’s like I haven’t slept when I wake up.
I feel that I don’t have enough sleep even though I have sufficient time resting in bed.
My sleep makes me feel tired all day.


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